Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Knitting FO !!!

Here are the Spring Forward socks, finished at last.   I worked on these on and off for several months and finally finished them last night as promised. What I learned: Two at a time socks is easiest when there are the same number of stitches on the front and back of the sock and they do not change at the heel!!! Re-arranging the stitches with this method caused major brain damage until I had it worked out, but then it was clear sailing to the end.     Details are in earlier posts, and on ravelry.

I am pretty pleased how they turned out and since we are heading into barefoot season, I think I will pack them away, but they may actually be gifted to some lucky person!

I began spinning the Dragonfibers fiber last Sunday, and it has such a full-on shimmer that I couldn't photograph it  well.   I will try again in the natural sunshine in a few days, but it does beg to be spun very fine.   

Today was my short day at work, and I finally got around to fertilizing the lawn, so in about a week it should be totally lush.   Of course for my three day weekend, rain is in the forecast and  I WANT to plant flowers.  With Sunday being Mother's Day,  I should be able to do what I WANT......   It isn't fair!

Wishing all the mothers out there a perfect day to do what YOU want.   Appreciate your mothers, let your kids appreciate you, and take a moment to remember the ones no longer with us.   


Tekgirl said...

Yay for socks- nothing better than knitted socks :) Love the yarn!

Sonia said...

Congrats! They turned out great.

BeebaBottoms said...

love your socks! they are so pretty... and I learned the same thing about 2 at a time socks with my Monkey socks! so frustrating,. but you know, I bet you are a better knitter for having done it once, and now you'll be able to choose ahead of time whether to do it again.

Ria said...

Those socks came out soo great!! I may be planting in the rain tomorrow...damnit!