Monday, May 18, 2009

Sun Shiny Weekend

At last, a sunny weekend.    One garden is planted and on Sunday it thanked me with Icelandic Poppy blooms from plants that I planted last year!

They are so bright and delicate dancing in the sunshine that one cannot be anything but happy when gazing upon them.   Last year I got one bloom at a time on each plant, but after filling them up with Miracle Grow last year, I was granted about 6 buds per plant now.   I should have a nice series of blooms and it is always interesting to see what color appears.   I seem to remember lots of white blooms last year, and here I have shades of vivid yellow and soft peach. 

The perennial forget-me-nots are a nice contrast to the fuschia petunias.   I wish they lasted longer into the season.

Here is my handspun Ishbel against the backdrop of Snow on the Mountain and a closeup of the lace that is coming along very well.   I am almost through one 4 oz skein, so the whole project should take no more than 6 oz at the rate I am going.

On Sunday, I walked my typical 4 mile walk through the greenbelt in our neighborhood along Dry Creek Trail, when all of a sudden I came across this:

Wouldn't this be the perfect place for a group KIP day!  (Knit in Public)  Looks like our State Lottery Money is going for something great.   Here in Colorado, it goes towards capital improvement in Parks and Recreation.   I may just go out to buy more tickets to celebrate, and if I win, just think of all the yarn and fiber.............


Iron Needles said...

I must check on my forget me nots when I get home. They get a little covered up by another plant...then I forget them!

I have baby alpaca fleece!

Timiae said...

Love the pics and that would be a fantastic place for a KIP day!

Ria said...

Oh I would love to knit there!! The flowers are gorgeous and the perfect backdrop for your shawl!

Terri said...

Your Ishbel is looking great. My Ishbel was made with the yarn you sent for the Yarnakkah swap. It is on my Ravelry page.