Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why are my posts mostly weather reports???!

Out of the four days of my weekend, why did it rain 3 out of 4 of them?    Saturday was actually beautiful for most of the day, and didn't rain till evening.   I got a long walk in on Sunday and Monday, early in the day before the torrential downpours of the afternoons and saw that the usually lazy creek along the "Dry Creek Trail" was a raging stream.    Had I walked down that path during the storms, it would have been classified a river!   When I walked, however, I only saw the high water marks and the muddy flow of the water.   Once the sun returns, as they are promising tomorrow, everything will be green and lush.   I am off work again on Thursday, so I have my fingers crossed for a sunny day.    I thank God everyday, that I don't live in Seattle, because I wouldn't make it for long without sunshine, as my mood turns forever gray as the days have been. 

On the last sunny day, I photographed some new flowers in the garden.   These make me oh so happy as they defy the weather.   Bleeding hearts, so perfect as they flutter in the shade.

These iris usually bloom this time of the year on their 36" stems, but this is the first time they were not blown down by strong winds, just as they were starting to bloom.   I am hoping to enjoy them on their stems until they are spent.

And for you, Becky of Needles of Iron, I will have some blooms this year from your gift.   Keep posted for more photos to come.    


Timiae said...

It's been the rainiest spring here in Georgia also. It's rained almost everyday for the past 2 weeks! Talk about depressing and a real waste of my days.

cici said...

yeah, here on the east coast we have had our fill of rain too. I don't mind it so much. Everything is lush and colorful. and of course it will be blazing hot soon