Thursday, May 21, 2009

Four Day Weekend Coming Up!

I just passed the 4th part of the Insurance exam and now I can relax for the long weekend.  After what was forever in the retail industry, I now feel like I am part of the real world out there with nights, weekends, and holidays off.      Only one exam to go (June 2) and I will have fulfilled the testing requirements for my job.   Of course, the weather is dreary outside, but my spirits are bright!  

So what does everyone think of Kris beating Adam last night on American Idol?   Adam is far and away the most talented, but I guess he was just a little too scary for the preteen set who do most of the voting.    Let's just see whose career is further ahead in 6 months to a year.   Kris is cute and all, but his cuteness will fade away to obscurity without creativity.   Just my opinion..... which I don't share with one of my daughters!

More poppies:

Spinning up a storm.    Just to remind you, this is the fiber, singles and now 3-plyed on the bobbin.   Dragonfibers merino, bamboo and nylon for socks.


Timiae said...

Congrats! I'm about to begin my job in retail and am definitely NOT looking forward to having to work weekends, nights, and holidays! Enjoy the government job hours!

Love your spinning; can't wait to see the finished socks.

Terri said...

Your yarn is beautiful!! I just love Dragon Fibers. While I am not a stasher of yarn, I recently realized I have a tub full of Dragon Fibers fiber. I like to spin outside in the sunshine. I should be able to make a good dent in the fiber bin this summer.

Iron Needles said...

Gorgeous stuff, that. Congrats on the progress on the tests. It has been a journey, but you have really come far.

PS I think you might have Silverado, and Mt Sinai.