Friday, December 26, 2008

Be Back Soon

I promise that I will begin posting again soon. I just haven't felt like it. Holiday doldrums, I guess.

Friday, December 5, 2008

My computer is back home

Just a brief word for now. I am back up and running and have lots to post about, but not now. I am too tired from reloading everything back onto my computer. I sent it back to HP and yes, they replaced the broken thingamajigs (yes, that IS a technical term), but they also wiped the computer clean, like it was brand new.......just like when I purchased it almost 3 months ago. Unfortunately, only 2 of my 4 back up disks would work to reload my files. I think most of my photos are intact, except for scans. I lost most of my documents, including my resume, and Gary's resume, and many downloads. Only part of my music files transferred to I-tunes. Tomorrow, I will be phoning HP to see if I can recover anything from the two disks that wouldn't transfer. Any ideas from out there would be appreciated........ I HATE COMPUTERS SOMETIMES. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DON'T WORK AS PROMISED.