Friday, May 22, 2009

Spinning on the front porch

It is so relaxing to know that I don't have to spend the long weekend studying, since I passed the part of the insurance exam yesterday.    I do have the text book for my next test, but took today off completely.    No, not really completely, because I did vacuum and dust in the the main rooms downstairs.    On Monday, Mom is coming over for a barbeque, so I had to put a bit of time in to get the house in order.     Now that Gary is not smoking anymore, I can enjoy being in the house all day, and even the back patio.   I put some potted hibiscus plants out there, but since the dog ATE the flowers, I did not take any photos.   A quick trip to google showed me that the flowers are edible and they are even used in salads in the South Pacific islands.   Hoping to break her of this delicacy, I will photograph the plants later.

This afternoon, I took the spinning wheel out to the front porch where the bouncy lounge chairs are, and worked on the second 4 oz of the dragon fibers yarn.    
Catching up on my podcasts, I spun the afternoon away.   I did wait until 4 o'clock before I poured my first glass of wine.   A perfect afternoon.  Here are the results:

Tonight the wheel goes in the corner and the Ishbel shawl will be my project of choice!


Ria said...

That sounds like a perfect day! The yarn is beautiful!

Megan said...

The yarn is so lovely, it sounds like a relaxing day.

Where did the weekend go? Sigh.

Terri said...

The yarn is lovely. Are you using it for Ishbel?

My favorite place to spin is on the deck, in the sunshine. Right now I am working on a Dragon Fibers batt.