Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Problem solved!

I always had been a little nervous taking my spindles with me for an outing. I now have at least one batch of fiber reserved for spindle spinning, so they don't feel left out now that I have my wheel. But traveling with them in a ziplock never felt quite secure enough, even when surrounded by fiber, but now I have the answer:
These are a couple of cardboard canisters that came filled with the most luscious biscotti, sent by my daughter from Zabar's in NYC (my idea of heaven, for sure). I certainly will enjoy the biscotti, but more than that, I now have the perfect travel container for spindles & fiber and they are beautiful too, photographed with my first and only tulip so far! I must plant more in the fall, but I have been saying that for years. Shown is my Bosworth Midi and a ditty batt from SpinKnitandLife.

Yes, I have been knitting. I have temporarily put my wheel in the corner for a rest, and pulled out my Spring Forward socks to finish them up . Tonight I am determined to knit down to the toes, wash, block and photograph for a posting tomorrow.

Last night at Knit Night at A Knitted Peace, I decided to purchase the pattern for Ishbel by Ysolda to use my new variegated green homespun yarn that I posted about last time.. If I finish the socks early enough, I may even cast on tonight! I plan on making the large size, and I should definitely have plenty of yarn for that.

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