Sunday, March 2, 2008

Progress on Kauni

I am at about mid forearm on the first sleeve of my Kauni cardigan. I thought the orange would never stop, but now it is red going to purple and blue. I can't seem to finish the two original balls of yarn which were 150 grams each in order to wind the new ball into two, to finish the 2nd sleeve and front/neck bands. These balls are going on forever- maybe they are magic. I also cut the steeks yesterday to try on the sweater. It is a good thing I made the medium and not the small because I may need to make the front bands a little wider so it is not too tight at the hips.
I finished the 1st sock of Alison's fixation. I am not really motivated to start the 2nd as I really do not like the yarn much. Her birthday is in two weeks, but she will be here in early April. I will shoot for then to have them finished.

I started the Slippery socks from and they are very pattern intensive with lots on single cables and slip stitches. I like the yarn I am using even though the pattern is getting a little lost in the varigation of colors.

Yesterday I drove around with the top down on the Miata and today we had a blizzard. You gotta love Denver weather........ At least I know that Spring is around the corner, even if March is our snowiest month!

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