Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Sleeves Actually Match....Almost

I can hardly believe I pulled it off, knowing my lack of skill at such things. The sleeves for my Kauni are done and they actually match......almost. They are spot on all the way down, until the cuff and there is a slight difference in the color of the purples. I am not complaining, but puzzled how that could have happened.

I have now picked up around the neck band and am using yellow and purple/red. There ended up being no yellow in the sleeves, but plenty in the body. So yellow on the front bands is my plan as well. As I wandered through Ravelry, I noticed that many people took much time matching the sleeves to the body, manipulated the colors so the color runs were shorter, but I just knit through the sleeves as the colors came. Not sure I would have picked the Denver Broncos color combination of orange/blue or the Xmas red/green, but I am not unhappy the way they turned out.

I tried duplicate stitches over the red stitches which resulted from a sudden color splice, but was definitely unhappy with the result of that. I pulled the stitches out and will try another technique for it, that I saw on Ravelry. Gotta love Ravelry for getting your questions answered, even before you ask them.

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