Thursday, March 27, 2008

Garden in front yard

Even though today was damp and dreary, looking at my front garden and my dwarf dutch iris just makes me smile. The colors are so deep and dreamy.

I may have to look for sock yarn in this color. Come to think of it, I already have some! :-)

Well--- almost.

I know that daffodils, tulips, and roses will follow as the days warm up. Every few weeks a new color blooms there until fall when the fuschia colored mums reign. I will keep my blog updated with all the colors of summer.
Another first: I added the progress bar today for most of my works linked on Ravelry. Another successful attempt at computer doo-hickeys that I know nothing about. I just have to trust they work the way they are supposed to.
Conversation yesterday with daughter:
Me: "Guess what. I put a stat counter on my blog and got 22 hits and 2 comments!"
Daughter: "You have achieved the Pop Culture Icon Status that I have been seeking"
It is not every day that I can impress a daughter. Love it!


Carat said...

The iris is lovely, I miss having a garden! That sock yarn is making me drool, I feel a trip to my LYS coming on :) What is the color-way called?

Bektold said...

I haven't splurged yet on the Noro sock yarn. The colors are gorgeous, but I just don't like the feel.

I love the pictures of the Kauni! I haven't worked up the courage to try a sweater yet, but that one is definitely on my list of "somedays"!

Iron Needles said...

Congrats on the new blog from another new blogger...and fellow Coloradan...and iris lover(very jealous there)...and mother of grown daughters...and Ravelrer. The last is how I found you.

You do some wonderful knitting, too.