Monday, March 24, 2008

Let's see if anyone is reading this blog.

Today I have added a counter to this blog to see if I am talking to myself or if anyone else is visiting. Not that it matters, really, but since I see myself as a pretty average knitter/person, maybe my experiences could benefit others.

Last night I sewed the buttons on the button band of my Kauni, and have begun the second button band. I am at the point where the next row involves the buttonholes. I am using 9 buttons in 4 colors, with two close to the top and then on alternating "squares" rows. My neck band and the button band match pretty well, but when it came to starting the second button band, I decided to make a random change so the two front bands don't match. I think that goes along with the randomness of the whole sweater. What do you think??

After looking at the photo here, the green button looks misplaced, so I guess I will be moving it over a bit. At least the buttonholes should all be even!


The Happy College Knitter said...

It looks great so far, beautiful colors together :)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I love that sweater and the yarn is amazing. WHERE did you get the yarn?

By the way, I am visiting you from ravelry.. I just started a blog recently too.. so, I just wanted to make sure that I left you a comment.. I know I like it when someone leaves comments on my blog.

Sonia said...

This sweater is looking great! I like that your 2 button bands are different colors; it adds a little unexpected element, which is always fun in knitting.
Congrats on your new blog!

emma said...

Don't you just love having a counter? I'm on Typepad, which automatically counts for you, and just when I thought only my family read my blog, I saw that I averaged 12 hits a day. Now I'm sure to Yarn Harlot this is nothing, but to me this meant that at least eight non-family members a day were peeking! I was very excited.