Saturday, March 29, 2008

Like patting your head and rubbing your belly

My first spinning class was this morning and I was expecting a group activity. What I ended up with was a private lesson with Sandy. The LYS, Purls of Wisdom in Parker is fairly new and since there are no other stores on the south end with much in the way of spinning supplies, Jen decided this would be her niche. She has lots of undyed and dyed roving and will soon carry spindles and wheels. I created (with help) a drop spindle using a dowel and 2 old cd's. Here is my first attempt:
Like everything, it is going to take lots of practice to get the hands,roving and spindle to work together to make a good usable yarn. What you see is 2 hours of work!!

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Iron Needles said...

I know exactly how you feel. I only learned to spin in January. I thought it was the hardest thing I had taken on in a long time. I kept practicing, and it wasn't long before it became easier. Now it is an enjoyable activity for me, not quite second nature, but maybe someday. Have you discovered the Spindlers group on Ravelry? Lots of encouragement there. Keep at it!
ps I live in Fort Collins