Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I hope it is not a new addiction

I signed up for a beginner class of drop spindle spinning this Saturday. We will be making a drop spindle from 2 cd's and a dowel and then spin from prepared roving. I have been spinning-curious since going to see the Yarn Harlot last year at the Tattered Cover. There were several people spinning away as they waited in line and I was fascinated. Like I don't have enough to do right now!

I still have not started the second sock for Alison (out of Fixation). I can taste the end of my Kauni, but need to really concentrate once I begin the buttonholes. And the Slippery sock has been transfered to my new Harmony 32" needles from Knitpicks. I am hoping the Magic Loop knitting goes faster than doublepoints.

Yay, it's spring finally here. The glacier has melted from the front lawn, the sky is crystal blue, my dwarf dutch iris are blooming in the garden. Today on my walk, I saw a red tail hawk which is always a beautiful sight. Life is good.

And I got two comments on yesterdays post- my very first. I am so happy.

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The Happy College Knitter said...

2 cds huh? We should all have a moment of silence for Microsoft Trip Planner '98.

And hooray for the iceberg melting! Wisconsin is still being bi-polar: 45 one day, blizzarding the next. At least it's spring somewhere!