Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring, then Snow, then Spring Again, or so they promise.

The glacier in front is retreating rapidly.  
The grass is matted down and will need some serious raking soon, and the gardens have been cleaned out.   There are some signs of the tulips I planted last fall in both gardens and out back, so I have some great color to look forward to.  

There were a couple of victims of the freeze/thaw cycles of this winter.    First, in the front garden, which was under snow for at least 4 months this winter was this resin/concrete pot.   It was placed specifically in this garden to keep me from trying to dig where the aspen tree used to be.   Short lived, but the stump underground refuses to decay enough to provide room for a plant.    When the pot was finally revealed in the garden from its snowy blanket, there was a crack.   Today, look what's left.   Oh well.

In the back yard, I often took a shot of the compost bin to record the depth of the snow during each major dumping.  

This is what it looked like this week.  
I had been mining the compost  from the bottom for the garden, and it must have gotten just top heavy enough this week to keel over.    At least I can get to the good stuff easier with it lying on its side.

Tomorrow is the last day of winter, officially, and guess what:   the snow is supposed to start at midnight tonight and continue on until Sat AM.   Blech.......

Next week is Passover, and I went out to see if I have any horseradish coming up.   Last fall when I was planting some tulips in this garden, I was pretty brutal chopping out the overgrown horseradish, and it looks like I did too good a job.   I only saw signs of two bunches so far, but it is not yet green, so maybe there is more.    I always believed that you can't kill is a weed after all.  


Ria said...

This has definitely been a winter that will be a pain to clean up after!

ewespin said...

And now it looks like snow again -- oh well, that is March in Colorado for you.