Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crock Pot Saturday

Now, don't misread this as "Crack Pot" Saturday, although sometimes it could be.   This is the original crock-pot from my wedding nearly 35 years ago.

The Hi-Low switch has been glued back together and there is a honking chip in the pot at the top edge.   And it is Harvest Gold!  But it still works fine, thank you very much.   Like you, Becky, I have been thinking about using it for dying fiber or yarn, but today it was put to work on a large brisket for Monday night's Passover Seder.  

It is highway robbery what they charge for brisket these days, especially since it shrinks to about a third of its size when cooked, and raw, there is a large slab of fat that always needs to be trimmed off.   Brisket was a cheap cut of the cow in the olden days, and slow moist cooking was the only way to make it tender.   It costs almost as much now as Rib Eye used to cost, so I guess like everything else, the prices of everything are going way up.   Good thing I only cook big meals twice a year now.....Passover and Thanksgiving.


Ria said...

I love my crock pots - yes plural! i use them all the time! Best ever invention for working people - mom's especially!

Anonymous said...

I wish i was home to enjoy passover with the family. -Ali