Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Pyramid o' Fiber!

I am loving having this drum carder at the ready....at least for the last week.  It goes home, or to the next lucky borrower this Sunday, so I was motivated to finish off the romney wool.

   It turned out so much better than the rambouillet/teeswater cross.   Not due the fiber itself, but to the fact that I think I slightly felted the dark brown wool in the scouring process.
The bottom skein was the first skein from the batch, and the top skein has the addition of some mohair and sari silk.   It looks softer in the photo than it actually is, though.   Feeling more like shetland type wool, its future is unknown.   I do have enough singles left to make another plain skein, so maybe a hat???.

 I was so much more hands off for the romney and the results are fluffy, soft and luscious. Here is a washed lock of fiber with its lovely crimp.

and its resulting pyramid o' fiber!

extreme closeup of a carded batt:

I am holding off starting to spin it until Sunday's Spinning Meetup where everyone can ooooh and ahhhhh!   I nearly bought a carder on Ravelry this week, but I had some concerns about its condition and the price.    Once I get the tax refund.........all bets are off.


Lynn said...

Those batts are gorgeous! That will be so fun to spin. :)

My family is in town this weekend, so I'm not going to be able to make it to spinning on Sunday. Feel free to enjoy the carder for another couple of weeks.

Ria said...

looks so soft! can't wait to see it spun and dyed!

Barbara Marr said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Looks like you will have a fun spinning day ahead... and even better you get the carder abit longer. I am so lucky to have a friend with a mini mill so am not tempted for my own carder.

Iron Needles said...

I. am. in. awe! Also now hungry for a carder...

DrChopSuey said...

Oooh so soft! It looks luxurious!