Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beezy, post 4

I just spent about 3 hours scanning the rest of the Beezy Album into my computer for posting here and for keeping safely stored.   I didn't realize how many photos were actually in the album, until a couple of hours had gone by, but I enjoyed every minute.   The more time I spend with the Beezy of the late 1940's, I understand how little has changed in the single girl's dating habits.   And I see the the same scenarios happening in my daughters' lives as they travel down some of the same paths.   Here a few cartoons for this week.

Girls like to dress up and have someplace to go, but guys have never really seen it the same way.

 Remember, that this is post WWII and the big band era.   Not too many clarinets in today's pop bands, but just substitute drums or guitar and it could happen.......
 The ubiquitous cell phone, always within reach, has changed this a bit, but you still cannot take it in the shower or the tub.   And now, the girls don't hesitate to make that call first.  See the monogram on the sweater? and the checkerboard tiles?   And Grandma always had the apron on in the house, as I remember it.
 Dancing with the stars and ballroom dancing as it was meant to be.......
 Those were the days when the office buildings had elevator operators.   Mom worked on the 79th floor of the Empire State Building in Manhattan as a secretary for Forge Mills, Inc.  I tried to find some info about the company, but google wasn't helpful here.  I believe it was part of the greater garment industry.

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