Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just what I need: another project!

I met my friend Stacey for some lunch and knitting and catching up and this project followed me home: the Shop til you drop bag made with Hemp for Knitting in the large size.    If I don't have blisters or callouses when I finish this, I will be so lucky.     I'm using lots of lotion and shea butter on my hands as I go and it is helping a little.   I will love the results when I am done, but I will have the battle scars to show for it!   The next  skein may get soaked before being wound into a ball, hopefully to soften it up a little.

Lest you think I have forgotten about the afghan, here is the current square, the Meredith K Morioka square on page 8-9 of the GAAA book.

I just realized that my next post is my 200th Post since beginning this blog more than 2 years ago.   I will have to think of something special for the occasion!


Leeanne said...

I think your bag will turn out great. I love the colour.

Mary LeMaster said...

Good Luck on the bag and your hands!!! Can wait to see it finished!

Ria said...

I had heard the hand problems with hemp - I think I'll be avoiding it for now!

DrChopSuey said...

Yeah I've had that issue with hemp yarn... but it's so cool!