Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beezy #5

As always, click on the picture to embiggen, and to see all the artistry and detail.
Going to the Clam Box was always a special treat, even for me in the 60's.   Not sure it still exists, but great seafood was always available on the east coast.   Mom and Dad, to their credit, always were adventurous in their eating and look at us now.  My brother and daughter in NYC, have the most varied and well prepared food at their doorsteps, and even here in Colorado, we are not satisfied with the basics...
Notice my Grandma darning socks.    I can't recall her knitting socks, but her skills were impeccable, so darning would have been within her realm of talents.  Nice looking guy, wasn't he?  My Dad must have been quite a charmer to captured my Mom's heart.
 Mom, always in charge!   She still is not one to sit still for long!   Good thing she is living in an apartment with lots of social activities and people around.
More and more, Mom shows the same dating habits of my daughters!  Like Cyndi Lauper says "Girls just wanna have fun!"

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