Friday, February 6, 2009

A day off

Since soon I will be working 6 days a week, with Sunday off, I had one of my last weekday days off today and I relished it. I slept in a little, reviewed some of the texts for my new job, read the paper, and called back my favorite "Field Trip Friend", Stacy. We agreed to drive up to the Merchandise Mart in North Denver for the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo. Last year it was called the Denver Creative Festival and I thoroughly enjoyed myself then. Again, it was mostly about other types of fiber arts, like quilting, sewing, and embroidery. But Philosopher's Wool had a booth as well as Textiles a Manos and Cheryl Oberle and they were fun to see and chat with. I was a good girl, since the funds are more limited this year and I only bought an African Basket for my fiber next to my wheel. One funny thing was that we filled out the door prize tickets when we entered and we were not into the venue more than 10 minutes before we heard BOTH our names called out over the loud speakers as winners! Stacy won a hard cover book about ribbon embroidery that was beautiful, but nothing she wanted and pretty heavy to carry around. While we were at a particular button booth, the owner commented on Stacy's prize and how much she loved it. A trade was made and Stacy left with some really neat ceramic buttons which will go great on a sweater TBD.

My prize was for a couple of quilt patterns. I don't quilt, but I picked out a couple that could possible be fun, one of which I am giving Stacy, because she liked it. The other was for tote bags which could become handy.
Most of the crafts at the Expo left me pretty cold, but the booth where they were demonstrating coiled fabric-wrapped cotton cording was fascinating. She made coasters, placemats, bowls and tall vases with this and a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine. I could do this...if only I had more time, money and the energy to indulge in a new craft.
Spinning update: I did two half full bobbins of singles and began to ply them onto a third bobbin. The consistancy is not quite up to snuff yet, but with a soaking and a good thwacking, it may be pretty knittable! Here is the plyed bobbin so far:


Lupie said...

The basket is amazing. your yarn looks great to me!

Timiae said...

Sounds like a wonderful day off. I feel for you, having to work like that soon!