Thursday, February 5, 2009

Only 24 hours to the day

I am definitely going to need more than 24 hours in my days from now on. Either that, or I will need to figure out how little sleep I can actually survive on.

I was up past midnight last night enjoying my new Minstrel Wheel and spinning on the BFL fiber. Today, I went to my new office-to-be and picked up the text books and study courses that will be my constant companion for the next several months. OMG, the stack of books is about 8 inches high and thumbing through them, they don't even seem to be written in English! Keep in mind, that in college I didn't take a single business course, and other than from a consumer standpoint, I know next to nothing about the financial industry. I know it is not rocket science or brain surgery, but I haven't been in school in nearly 35 years, unless you count the computer classes I took in the mid 80's. I read the first chapter of the first book and took the test at the end of the chapter and only scored 75%. Not too good, since I have to score 70% on the entire course to pass and get registered.

I have decided that I need to channel Maggie's compulsive study habits, like when she was studying for the LSAT in her 40's. She grabbed every five minute segment of time she could muster and had her book out. I need to do the same and harder, since it is all so foreign to me.

I am going to spin a little bit before bedtime to relax.

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Amanda said...

Perhaps you can try spinning and studying at the same time? Physical movement is suppose to help with retention.