Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bye-Bye to late nights and later mornings.

I was up this morning for an early Dentist's appointment at 7 am. I guess I better get used to these early morning hours since one of my jobs will be starting at 7:30 or 8:00 am. Driving to the dentist, the full moon was large and bright in the western sky and I wish I had my camera to capture the beauty above the snowcapped mountains west of Denver brightly lit by the rising sun. Take a moment to imagine the sight. la la la. Wasn't that nice? I haven't been up this early in a long long time.

Over the last 6 months, my bedtime has gotten later and later, and my malingering in bed got later and later as well. My morning routine has been an hour or more of NPR's Morning Edition to catch up on the news, and to make sure the world didn't blow up while I was asleep. This started on 9/11 when I became a news junkie and began to linger in bed with the radio to get myself ready to start the day. On weekends, it is Scott Simon and Liane Hanson who keep me in bed.

I am usually a night owl, and breaking that habit will prove difficult for me. The house is quiet, the dog is sleeping, the leather chair is so comfy. I will miss knitting with Jay Leno and Conan. I will miss Ravelry at midnight and catching up with my beloved forums. I am planning to spin as a last activity of the evenings, just before retiring and I am finding that it is a zen-like meditative activity which relaxes me enough to make bedtime easier. And I will miss my mornings with NPR, since I will now have to pop out of bed and get my day started without lingering.
Tomorrow I start my new job (the 2nd part time job), even though I feel like I have been doing it for a week now. Each night, I spend 2-3 hours with the books, trying to absorb material that sometimes feels like it is written in a foreign language. The series 7 prep books are dry and full of concepts, formulas, rules and regulations, and at the end of each chapter, is an exam. So far, I haven't been doing too well, but with more review and memorization, it should start making sense soon, I hope. I have 4 months from tomorrow to pass the test.

Here is my first finished skein of my wheel spun yarn. It is Louet natural BFL, two ply. The weight is 82g and it is about 115 yards. The yarn fluffed up quite nicely after the soaking and thwacking.

I am feeling so much more productive with fiber than with the prep books. I have to get my brain back in shape to work and think. My fingers are very fit and active.


smariek said...

Oooh, pretty yarn.

I've turned into a night owl because I only get quiet time after my toddler goes to bed. We all need quiet time so we can hear the voices in our head. :-)

lunaticraft said...

Great yarn!

Good luck with the new job. Adjusting your sleep schedule is always hard, I know, so you have my sympathies.

And good luck with that test!! =D You'll do great, I'm sure!

Ria said...

Good Luck with the new Job!! I am the opposite of you. Definitely an early bird. I am home from work this week and even though I somehow managed to stay up until a bit past 11 - I cheated we didn't get home from Angie's fencing meet until 10:30. I was up at 5am trying not to wake the hubby. But now it's 9 and I want breakfast so his reprieve is over!