Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Adventures

In December and in January I was consumed with selling some of Mom's things on Craigslist which involved meeting people 4 miles away at the house.and cleaning up afterwards.   NOW, it is ebay craziness.   Last week, 3 out of the first 6 Issues Dad's magazines sold, and off they went by priority mail on Tuesday.    Now, I have bids on 6 out of the 7 issues that are listed.   But.....I have over a hundred issues left which are spread out by year in my guest room.   This is going to be a long process, but without flooding ebay with all of them at once, I plan on parceling them out a little at a time.

While I was up there taking this photo, I took this photo:
Remember the thick lush hibiscus plant that I moved indoors.....Well, my doggie developed a liking for the leaves and nibbled away each time she was left home alone for any length of time.   I guess that is how she pays us back for ignoring her.   Now, it will stay sheltered in the guest bedroom until it can safely be moved outdoors around Mother's day!  This one is the red one and the peach colored one is up about 3 feet in the bay window.

OK, some knitting updates.    I have been working hard on the squares of the Great American Afghan.   I am now on square #7!    Here are some photos, some done, some not.  There is one more finished square which I still need to photograph, and I am actually done with the bottom square, except for the wings of the flies.   Photo to come..   Some people are bothered by the spider and the flies in the web, but I think they are long as they are made from wool!  


Iron Needles said...

I love the one with the DNA double helix! How science-y!

Congrats on the house sale. I bet that's really a load off.

Ria said...

I don't want spiders wool or othwerwise!!!