Monday, February 22, 2010

Finished Squares/Finished Yarn

Two more squares are finished, washed and blocked:

Judy Sumner square with spider and flies:   The little fly at the top left doesn't show up too well...I should have used a contrast color.   I really liked the lace of the web, and I think it would make a great lacy scarf on larger needles.....hmmmmm.

Ann Strong square with pomegranates:
That makes 7 finished squares and I am now working on my 8th, which is Meredith K Morioka on page 8 and 9 of the book.   I am only an inch in now, so I will wait to show you all til later.   Once I finish this square I will be officially 1/3 finished!   Imagine that.   I have grown a lot since the beginning of this project, but especially in my mental ability to rip back to correct an error instead of plowing on and accepting it.   It is making all the difference in the final result.   So my 1/3 finished is not quite.....since I will most likely remake a few of the first squares with obvious mistakes..


Mostly I have been sitting on my hands when JulieSpins has posted updates to her Etsy shop.    But I couldn't resist this one:    Falkland wool in the Color: Magenta Madness and my goal was worsted weight yarn for hat or mitts.


Singles with Fiber:

2 Ply, washed, and dried.  The color here is a bit washed out.   The colors above are closer to reality!


Re: the first BEEZY post.   Mom is a little embarrassed that I am posting those, because she dated a lot before she met my Dad.   I assured her that the whole collection is charming and shows her as a young girl full of life.   When you see her gray hair now, it is good to be reminded of the young girl inside her head who still lives.

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Ria said...

The first square is creepy - sorry hate spiders!

Love absolutely love the yarn you spun!