Friday, February 26, 2010

Front Yard Glacier


This is 55 grams or about 1.7 oz of the handspun yarn from my Naked Fiber shipment.  It is two ply and light worsted weight, and I didn't measure the yardage.  Photographed on fresh snow in the front yard.

I am so ready for spring to arrive that I can taste it.  It seems to be snowing every few days and I am curious where our average of 300 days of sun have gone.   At least today, there was some melting and the streets are dry, but my infamous sidewalk has built up another thick layer of ice.   I bet it is there until June at this rate!   Send me some global warming for a little while......   and send some to the east coast, too, but the snow can keep falling in Vancouver for the finish of the games.

Here is the next shipment of the fiber club, silver Romney.   See how pretty the crimp is!    I am trying not to open the inner plastic yet, because I have a lot of fiber which has to come first.   I am so tempted though......

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