Friday, February 19, 2010


I hope you don't mind if I share this, Mom.

Another item that now lives at my house is an old scrapbook, which Mom stashed with the other scrapbooks and photo albums.    Dad never liked it, for reasons soon to be revealed, but it was always a source of fascination to me as a teen, and to my girls.   It starts in 1947 before she met my father,  when Mom was dating an artist or cartoonist or graphic artist.  I am not quite sure what he called his career in those days, but after googling him, I believe he worked in the in the early days of comic books.  Actually, there is someone working today by the same name, but a female, who works as a letterer of graphic novels and comic books.   Perhaps, a descendant?   Anyway, what I love about the whole scrapbook is that it captures snapshots of my Mom, my grandparents, my aunt, their home and their lives in the late 40's.   A time and a place which is history for me, but comes alive on the pages.

It appears that each time they had a date, a new comic would be presented.  Each is hand drawn, painted and lettered and in many ways, they remind me of Archie and Jughead comics.   Here is the dedication page:

The larger pages I plan to photograph, but the smaller ones (most are 8"X8") I will scan into this blog.  To really see the detail and quality of the artistry, click on each photo to enlarge it.    One posting in my blog each week will be dedicated to sharing these pieces, and my assumptions about them.  I am sure Mom will correct my inaccuracies!

Dating today is not very different today from then...look at the telephone, the moon, the record, the high school banner, the malt.   Only the technology and the flavors and locations have changed.

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Ria said...

That scrapbook is such a treasure to have!