Saturday, February 27, 2010

BEEZY, post 2

(click on the image to enlarge for the detail!)
You thought you were in for the evening with a good book?????   You can't fool me, Mom, you never read Shakespeare for fun, certainly not all dressed up with party shoes on!  Perpetually perplexed young man never stood a chance.   (April 14, 1947)

There always comes a time in every relationship where the inevitable happens!   Does the "Y" stand for Yonkers, NY?   Mom wouldn't meet my Dad for another 2 years, but were they from the same town?  The 
plot thickens (May 20, 10947)....................

You tell me, is not the face of my niece the spitting image of my Mom at the about the same age???!

Or my daughter:

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Ria said...

Isn't it great to find out your mom had spunk?

Yes I agree - that comic could have been the face of either your niece or daughter!