Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am a winner- again!

What a great way to cap off a great knitting/spinning week! I just received an e-mail from Phyllis at SpinKnitandlife that I won her blog contest and will be receiving some luscious fiber she calls a ditty batt to spin up and I cannot wait for it to arrive so I can give it a spin. Other than the blog award nomination from Needles of Iron , and some of her fabulous iris she sent me late in summer, this is the only other thing I have won.

On Thursday, I joined my knitting buddy for lunch at the new Corner Bakery restaurant in Highlands Ranch. It was a gorgeous Indian Summer day and we sat out on the patio catching up. By the way, they have some of the most delicious Rugalach I have had in the Denver area. I was very impressed and happy. I make it myself sometimes, but it is so labor intensive that I don't make it too often. Now I have a great place to satisfy my craving for this delicacy. The link takes you to a recipe (not mine) but but looks good as well.
Anyway, after lunch, we went to Tattered Cover to knit and enjoy sharing our WIP's. I brought most of my purchases from Rhinebeck to show her and I enjoyed seeing her progress on her Nantucket Jacket. Stacy has such a calm voice and mellow personality, that I really enjoy spending time with her to keep me sane in an insane world.

On Saturday, I was had the opportunity to meet Becky if Iron Needles fame in person for the first time. She had driven to Denver to have lunch with a college friend and we met after that at the Lamb Shoppe in Denver. That was a great experience to meet in person and I think we hit it off famously. What is interesting is that I felt immediately comfortable with her as if I had known her for years, and we were sharing things that are too difficult to get into with the blog. I am sure we will meet again next time we have a chance. Too bad we didn't know each other while the girls were at CSU, since she lives in Ft Collins.

I have been working at cleaning out and organizing all my WIP's that are scattered about the house. I finished spinning the last singles from my louet Northern Lights fiber, and have decided to make a Clapotis with it. There will be 4 balls of 3-ply fiber when I finish plying the last group of singles. I started and finished the first sock of my new Monkey Socks using the Regia Galaxy that I took to the east coast, but I never got around it it while traveling. On the second sock, I just started the pattern after the cuff. Look at my new sock blockers, size medium from Fiber Trends. I had been thinking about these for a while, but since I was hanging out for a few hours at a new LYS, I splurged and bought them there.

I wound the Misti Alpaca lace weight into a ball to begin a scarf using the pattern "Simple Vine" by Ruth Hirsiger. I picked up this pattern at Rhinebeck from Windy Valley Muskox. The pattern calls for Qiviut fiber, but I couldn't afford that. I cast on using size 6 needles, but I didn't like the way that looked, so I will begin again using 4's. be continued.


Timiae said...

Lucky you! I'm sending jealousy eyes to you for winning that gorgeous batt... Can't wait to see it all spun up!

Monkey is a fun pattern (I've made 2 pair so far) and I love how quick it is.

Iron Needles said...

Congrats on the win! I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday so much, too. I am sharing on the same sentiments. Also love the way the sock blockers show off the socks. I am going to have to get me some for sure.