Monday, November 10, 2008

By George, I think she's got it!

I have doubled the length on my lace scarf and except for a few tinks back (tink is knit spelled backwards) I am starting to move forward. No frogging since the the last post and even though I need to have the pattern on my lap at all times and the continual counting, I think there is hope for a finished project. From the picture you can see that the steam blocked portion shows the pattern, the new knitting does not. I have read that there is a certain trust one needs to have when looking a lumpy, bumpy blob of lace knitting to know that the finished result will be worthwhile. I had a movie marathon at home this weekend, but I needed to put the lace aside while watching the subtitled movies. It is on the agenda for today again.

I did turn the heel on the second Monkey sock and should finish it this week. I really love this pattern as I have said before.. Thank you, Cookie A and for making this pattern available. I will not hesitate to try her other patterns because of how well this one was written.

Gardening season is over. There are a few hardy begonias on my front porch which are holding on, but the rest of the garden is shot. To provide a little color and greenery to this blog I give you my blooming african violet:

I don't have a lot of history with african violets. I bought a bunch a year and a half ago to make a centerpiece on the table when I had some friends over and then gave most of them away as gifts to my guests. I ended up with 3 for myself and have managed to keep them alive and healthy in my garden window over my sink. The blooms are different on each plant and this one is a ruffled edge deep purple. It is really hard to capture the color, but in the darker picture it is a bit closer.

When my 4 year old orchid blooms again I will celebrate the color with you.


Ria said...

Socks look great! haven't tried lace yet.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Your lace scarf looks beautiful. I haven't ventured into lace knitting. Looks scary.
Your violet is so pretty. I have a few of those myself. I have one orchid that I think is going to bloom. I see a little bud forming.

Timiae said...

The scarf is so pretty... I bet it's going to be so light and warm. Cookie A. is an amazing designer! I've made 2 pairs of Monkeys and have a lot of her patterns in my queue.

You are itching for a wheel and I want to try a spindle! It looks like its difficult...