Friday, November 21, 2008


I finished the BSJ ( Baby Surprise Jacket) by EZ ( Elizabeth Zimmerman) except for sewing on buttons. Of course, when I was in NYC, I bought 4 buttons, and then stupid me, I put 5 buttonholes in the sweater. So the hunt is on for the identical button, or 5 new ones. I also finished the baby beanie ( link is a few posts back).

Instead of making booties, I think I will make thumbless mittens on an I-cord string, which can be threaded through the sleeves. I have the perfect gauge swatch in the sweater, but I have till January to finish the whole project. Here is the Mom-to-be and the Grandma-to-be!
I attended the baby shower on Saturday for Erin and I have never seen so many cute outfits for boys. I hope that this gift doesn't get buried in the stash and forgotton, only to be found after he outgrows it!
This is the cutest centerpiece idea. It looked like a wedding cake, but was made of 3 hat boxes, Pampers around the outside, secured by ribbon. There was the cutest monkey on top and knitted (made in China, of course) finger puppets tucked in all around.


Iron Needles said...

Nicely done! And nice spinning to. That's alot of roving, 14 oz, but it is working up beautifully.

Timiae said...

I'm sure that there's nothing to worry about... Were the other gifts lovingly handcrafted? I'm sure your beautiful set (the BSJ is genius) will be cherished!

Lupie said...

There is nothing like a BSJ. It is one of my favorite baby sweaters. The yarn is beautiful and I love the little cap. I have never seem such a cute centerpiece!

DebsCrafts said...

Really nice work on that sweater. I'm sure it will be well used.

Lina said...

Love the jacket!

That centerpiece is just darling... though I'm sure it would be better with handmade finger puppets! :)

Steffi said...

Lovely BSJ! I'll have to try making one... one of these days. Yours turned out beautifully! Good luck locating buttons!