Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 almost finished projects in one day!

Actually, I did finish completely the Monkey Socks, including washing and blocking on my sock blockers. They make the FO so neat and tidy, don't you think?

Here are some stitch close ups of the socks:

I picked up and finished the knitting of the Baby Surprise Jacket I started for Candy's first grandchild, a boy! I still have to stitch up the shoulder seams and weave in the loose yarn ends, but the knitting is done. YAY!! It is utterly amazing that this blob of finished knitting:

folds up to become this adorable sweater!!

I am going to the baby shower for Erin on Saturday, but I will save the finished sweater for January, when the baby is due. I also began a hat to match:

This is called Baby Beanie by ulli schober and it is a free download on Ravelry. I am altering the pattern by using size 3 needles with the same yarn as the sweater and adding the stripes to match. I also found booties called BSJ Inspired Booties by Megan Grewal aka the_witty_knitter, also a free pattern on Ravelry. All together, this should be a very nice gift for the baby boy..

I did order the new Harmony needle tips for my lace scarf and I am really glad I did. Not only will I now be able to easily use a life line each pattern repeat, the tips are so much pointier than the bamboo needles and will make the lace knitting so much easier.

One last thing, I found this cute little project bag: perfect for socks, the lace scarf, or any smaller project for only 99 cents at Michaels. They are clearing out the line of bags and I couldn't resist the bargain!


Timiae said...

They all look great! I love that little bag... will have to see if there's a good deal like that here in Georgia.

Sonia said...

Nice work! Aren't Monkey's fun?
I have one of those bags and love it so much. Of course, I bit when they were on sale for $3.99...

Lupie said...

You are knitting on super speed. I just love that sock pattern and the yarn is awsesome.
BSJ is coming out great. I love EZ!!! 99cent project bag WOW!

Ria said...

Everything looks wonderfull!

Emerald said...

I've never seen the BSJ. It's adorable!!