Monday, April 26, 2010

Knit & Crochet Blog week- Day 1- Starting Out.

My Grandmother was a knitter, and so was my Mother, and it was Grandma who taught me how to knit in 1957 or so when we were living with Grandma and Grandpa after my Dad left the Air Force for good.   I remember sitting with her watching "Edge of Night",  a popular soap of the time, or was it "As the World Turns"?  Grandma, in her big chair with the footstool and always knitting.  Mostly fisherman knit sweaters, or shells with the tiniest of needles.   Lots of lace, suits.   I never noticed her looking at the patterns, so I thought she was magic.  It was only recently when Mom moved, did I find the pattern books from the 1950's and 1960's when Mom and I cleaned out some of the old stuff.   Pattern books that contained the sweaters that Grandma made, but tweaked with her talent.

Here is another sample of Grandma's knitting with sequins.

The first project we shared was a doll sweater, in a salmon color.   I don't remember too much about the process, or the finished results, or what happened to it, but I do remember the holes from dropped stitches.   There is a long gap in my memory to the time of high school and college.   By then I could crochet, and knit well enough to have completed a couple of sweaters.

These two I still own and wear.   I remember a couple of things about knitting them, that the patterns were from Family Circle or Woman's Day magazine.  They are both the same pattern, with two different fair isle patterns, and one a turtle, one a crew.  Those were the days when wool was put up in 4 oz skeins (like Red Heart, but 100 % wool and for only about $1 a skein)  
The fair isle pattern was accomplished with bobbins, which were forever dangled and tangled on the back of the knitting.  Every other row or so, I had to stop to untangle everything.    I must have had a lot more patience then!
  I have since learned two handed stranded knitting when I knit my Kauni rainbow sweater so no more tangles.

Whatever I learned when I was 7 must have stuck with me and returned throughout my years improving with practice and new skills learned.    


~RaenWa~ said...

Wow your Grandmother was a great knitter & so aren't you I love the sweaters you made at some point I will get up enough courage to try 2 color knitting.

Laurie said...

Your grandmother was a wonderful knitter! I have to laugh - I think I have some of those patterns packed away in boxes - I KNOW I have the Aran cardigan pattern somewhere. Your work is lovely, too!

Iron Needles said...

I love seeing the pattern photo and the finished work. Amazing that you still have the knitted articles.

Great post.