Monday, April 12, 2010

The Bench is Back, and it's gorgeous!

Remember my adventures with Mom's bench from December?   If not, you can view the original post here.   In January, I took it to Ackerman's and Sons to see if what was possible for restoration.    I went and picked it up today and I am so happy with it.     The wood has been restored and sealed in the original mahogany color, without losing the antique feel of it.  And the upholstery was finished so nicely.

I could only get the real feel for the color in natural lighting.  And the beauty of the flame mahogany just glows.
Double welting on the upholstery

Even the inside of the drawer was stripped and sealed, and the wood burned label is still there!

  Lovely grain of the mahogany.
As my brother told me, it is a significant family heirloom and worth the effort and the dollars to save.  Yeah.....absolutely.


ewespin said...

Absolutly beautiful! A real treasure -- a family heirloom.

Lynn said...

That cleaned up beautifully! What a wonderful family treasure.

Iron Needles said...

What a great result to your efforts.