Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bad Karma Day ends well.....

I asked if it were going to rain today, and was told "no", so I left the house with out my raincoat....and it began to rain as soon as I turned the first corner.  

I thought I would head out early for the optician to have my new glasses adjusted since they are slipping a bit.   It is just north of the Temple, so an easy stop on the way, but when I got there there was a sign on the door which said "Closed today, sorry for the inconvenience."   Yes, it is inconvenient since they are not open late enough during the week to stop by after work. So now, I have to try again next Saturday morning.

I was plenty early for my Torah Study class (Torah is the first 5 Books of the Bible, for those unfamiliar) which I have been attending  since 1987.....A line, a word, a phrase, or no progress at all and we are still in Leviticus having started at Genesis 1:1.   Sounds weird, I know, but it is a wonderful group of people and led by two great Rabbis.   But, I digress.   Instead of going straight to the Temple, I decided to stop at Starbucks which is conveniently situated in a shopping center next to the Temple.    My grande non-fat latte and I got back into the car, and yes, you guessed it, the car wouldn't start.   Turn the key, all the lights come on, the radio comes on, but no ignition, no engagement of the starter, just the click and a slight hummm.  I sat there calmly sipping my caffeine fix and occasionally trying again.   Turn the wheel, step on the brakes, in and out of gear, depress the clutch, trying each time to get the car to start.  Run through the gears, sip some latte, try again.  NOTHING.    I eventually left a note on the windshield saying the car died, and help would be coming at 12:15, because with the way the morning had been going so far, it was likely to be towed, or ticketed for overstaying my welcome in front of Starbucks.    I had called the hub and he would come to my rescue after my class.   I walked over to Temple and enjoyed the session as usual, then walked back to find him waiting already.   He put the car in neutral and coasted it back out of the parking space, now it was blocking the driving lane in the shopping center.  With the kindness of strangers, since hub's back is bad, and mine is weak as well, we got a push, the clutch was popped and the engine started.   Off to the Hyundai dealer straight away, because I was afraid if I turned off the car again, it would be dead again.    Turns out there is a switch that engages under the clutch area that allows the starter to start, and mine was intermittently shorting out preventing its starting.   Easy peasy, except, no part in stock and they can't get it and fix the car until Tuesday.  

I took out my frustrations with the day so far hand carding more of my Shetland fleece.   It cards very nicely, even if the process is slower and the volume is less than a drum carder.   I figured out how to roll the rolags and then stretch them out into nice little balls of roving.   Each ball is between 5-10 grams in weight and now ready for spinning.

I finished the afternoon by heading over to the new 24 Hour Fitness club which just opened yesterday, replacing my old, small, and definitely yucky club that I have been a member of for over 10 years.  Not that I have been using it too much lately, but now I vow to start up again.   They grandfathered in all the people who went to the now closed site, and we do not have to pay an upcharge to go to this brand new fancy schmancy club with all the amenities.  Yay!   So I worked out....elliptical, treadmill, some weight machines, and on Wednesday I meet with a trainer for a fitness orientation, to jump start my training program again.  It is convenient to home and on the way home from work so I have no excuses....well, only a few....but I need all my readers to encourage me to keep on keeping on and to try to regain my former level of fitness, which has greatly suffered with too many free lunches and less mobility on my new job.  I ain't getting any younger, so it is now or never.

So a good ending to a lousy start of the day.    Good Karma wishes for tomorrow, everyone!  And some happy orchid photos to enjoy!


DrChopSuey said...

Man what a day!

And good for you for joining the gym! :)

Worsted Knitt said...

What a day! But well done keeping a cool head and getting back to the gym, too!

Iron Needles said...

"Some days are diamonds...some days are stones..."

Glad it turned around for you.