Sunday, April 18, 2010

It was a tough winter all around.

The rose bush did not make it, rest in peace   This what it looked like in full bloom a couple of summers ago.

 This should teach me about heavily mulching my roses every fall and covering the bottoms.  At least it is Spring for real now, so I cleaned out the raspberries, dug out the dead rose bush and got a feel for the rest of the blooms to come.    It will be a while before the grass is as green as the photo above, since the front was buried under snow for more than 4 months this winter and should be heavily raked.   I planted lots of tulips in the front and the back, but the dog ate most of the tulips in the back, digging her (edited to correct gender)  way down.   Grrrr.

 Guess what I asked for for Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

Our dog is a girl.

This pic makes me homesick.


lizzzknits said...

Ali, Right you are.. I will edit her sex back to normal......If she were an intact he, I might have taken care of that, or buried her in the compost bin. Can you tell how mad I was????