Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Catchup

I cannot believe this week and that it is already Thursday. What that means for me (but not most people) is that my weekend is here again. Working parttime is bad for the budget, but I love the 3 days off each week. My only problem is that I have one extra day to get into trouble. I couldn't help myself....the Koigu was on sale last Friday when I went to knitting group at Colorful Yarns. My purchase qualified for a green bag by being over ??? dollars. I just cannot reveal in public the amount of my purchases for my own protection!!! ;-) The green bag can be used in the future for one of the Green Bag Sales where everything I can stuff into it is off a certain percentage. I just hope they don't have one too soon!

Nice group and a variety of ages and abilities. And something is on sale every week! The book wasn't on sale, but I couldn't resist this one:

There are lots of gift ideas for socks, hats and accessories that are unique. I really want to try the beaded socks from the front cover.

The other rabbit hole I fell down this week was JulieSpins shop update last Sunday. I knew in advance and planned my morning accordingly. Julie's yarns and rovings are so sought after that you have to sign in to Etsy and be ready to commit. If you dawdle, your choice disappears into someone else's shopping basket. I didn't dawdle.....but I did control myself and limited my purchase to only one:

This is Targhee wool fiber in the color Bouquet. I have never spun Targhee before but it is rumoured to be like buttah! I am trying to get away from spinning my favorite colors of blue teal and green and this roving grabbed my mouse finger right away.

Progress on the socks: I am working on the heel flap now and had to look up the formula for the heel turn on a 48 stitch pattern. Thank you Charlene Schurch!

What I am finding that the sock on the left has much thicker spinning at the heel than the one on the right, and I may actually have to do a few extra rows before turning the heel. My spinning is not perfect, but who will notice???

Last but not least is the Ishbel Shawl. I finished all the lace and now casting off. I definitely will make this pattern again since once I got the hang of it, it went along smoothly. As you can see, I am using much larger needles for the cast off (10.5) so that blocking this edge with its point will not be a problem. I think the side edges are a bit tight now and I worry about stretching it out.
It sure doesn't look like much in its green blobby state. Stay tuned.


Lupie said...

Love the colors of the roving and can't wait to see the yarn you spin up.

Timiae said...

Aren't yarn purchases just too hard to resist? I keep telling myself to save money, but then I see something pretty on sale...

lunaticraft said...

Green bag sale? Oh my, that's a fantastic idea. If only somewhere around here had one! Beautiful roving... it's going to look fantastic spun up. Oh, and can't wait to see that shawl blocked out!

DrChopSuey said...

The yarn is pretty and that roving.... oooh!

I can't wait to see your finished Ishbel! That appears to be a popular pattern lately; probably because it's super cute!

Ria said...

That roving is going to spin up into absolutely gorgeous yarn!!

I am now trying not to look at these shops, cause I am on a strict yarn diet until Rhinebeck. Seriously...

Iron Needles said...

Love the colors in the roving. I am always befuddled by the colors in roving and the yarn it makes. And the colors in yarn, and the resulting garment. Guess that is why I am not in the design industry. Just such a guessing game.

Miss seeing you, and hope we can manage a time in the not too distant future to meet up.