Tuesday, June 2, 2009

As the Who said, "I'm Free!!"

Am I dating myself with the Who reference???    I passed my last exam today at work, so now I am free to knit, spin and read my own choice of books in my free time!    I am now fully licensed and registered at my new job, so my free time is my own, without guilt!    If anyone tells you they are too old to learn new tricks, like the proverbial old dog, tell them about me, reinventing myself at the age of nearly 59.   Anything is possible if you work hard enough and take a chance.   Of course, I was definitely aided by my new boss who also took a chance on me.    I am forever grateful for her confidence in me, and the opportunity she has given me..

Another walk in the trail on Sunday and I visited my friend, the Koi, and it looks like mating season is over for this year.   I talked to a wonderful older lady at the pond, who told me that this Koi has been in the pond for 19 years and she knows the woman who released it there.   It grew too large for her yard pond and she has been watching it over the years, grow to this enormous size.   I understand that there was another one, but it has not been seen in a couple of years.   The heron was back as well, but no photos of interest there this time.

A few more flower shots:

These are tropical Hibiscus that I am growing in pots on the back porch.   Now that there is no more smoking at my home, I can enjoy this back patio again, so I thought I would dress it up with plants.   I have always loved Hibiscus flowers, and I have discovered that so does the dog!    The first weekend, she ate about 8 blooms. I worried that they would make her sick, so I googled them and learned that in the South Sea Islands, the blooms are eaten in salads.    So the dog would not get sick, but I was not happy, nevertheless.    I then sprayed the two plants with Liquid Fence which does a good job keeping the bunnies from eating my flowers  and it seems to have discouraged the dog as well!   Good, now I don't have to kill her..........
My clematis have broken out in a multitude of blooms.   Too bad they only last a few weeks

Another weather report......Rain! Rain! Go Away!    Once the sun shines again, as it must, things will be very lush and green.    I should have some new Iris blooming from the ones sent to me by IronNeedles last fall.    I have buds on at least two varieties, and can hardly wait to see the blooms!  This photo is before the rains began again.   Once the sun comes out again, I know it will pop open with a fury!

Tonight I worked (played) on spinning the Suri Alpaca fiber that I was given at one of the Alpaca shows earlier this spring.  To remind you, here is my washing episode.   After watching many videos on hand-carding, I tried again and I think I have the hang of it now.   Here are a few photos of the progress:
I carded up a bunch of fiber, but my rolags are not nice and pretty like I see them in the videos and in books, so I just gathered the fiber off the carders and put the bunches in a plastic bag.   I then spun from the resulting clouds of fiber, best as I could.

And here are the singles on my wheel.   

I will be two-plying this yarn and should have about 2-3 oz of finished yarn when I am done.

Before the rains began, I photographed my original Iris, which had been in my garden for many years.   Usually, by the time they are ready to bloom, we get the strong Spring storms which make the heavy bloom stalks just lay down in defeat.   This year, I enjoyed many blooms before the winds and rain began.   

Of course, now they are down, and it is too sad to photograph, so enjoy the before photo!


Megan said...

Lovely flowers!

and don't worry about dating yourself with the Who reference. It was the song I played the first time I drove all alone in a car after I got my license and I'm only 25!

Ria said...

Gorgeous pictures! And I just sang most of that song to myself in my head as I read your post so don't worry about it.

Robin Marie said...

I love your photos:) That Clematis especially draws my attention. I really want one of those.

It's funny to me that you commented on my blog about wanting to travel, because this past month has been so hard for me, seeing all the beautiful garden and home photos people are blogging. I can't have any of that right now! I miss it so much. I guess the grass is always greener, right?
One thing I've learned is that you don't have to go far to have an adventure. Just somewhere new! Find a little town with a little coffee shop that's within driving distance! Maybe they have a public garden, or a park, or good hiking trails!

p.s. the Who reference is timeless. You're not dating yourself!

superwoman_4002 said...

oh wow!! i LOVE all of your flower pictures!! :) I'm so glad its finally summer!! (well...17 more days lol)

Lupie said...

Fish,Flowers and Fibers what more could one ask!

Timiae said...

Oh, how I love koi. We have a pond and it is amazing how quickly they grow. Even the 28 cent Walmart goldfish will spurt up to a foot long in no time!

lunaticraft said...

Oh my goodness, congrats! I hope you're spinning and knitting and relaxing to your heart's content! =D