Monday, June 15, 2009

What a weekend!

I really love having weekends off because I can take advantage of all the events that only happen on weekends.

On Saturday, I walked around the block with $4.00 in my pocket and took in several garage sales. I would have tried to hold one myself, but I worked on Friday, which is the big day in our neighborhood. Can you tell I was on a strict budget....after all, I was going to the Estes Park Wool Market on Sunday, but more about that later.

For $1.00 I purchased a used pitchfork. Weird, I know, but I have a compost setup and have never been able to turn it, and now I can.

I have been on the lookout for a higher table with a solid top where I could clamp my swift (skein winder) and a couple of doors up there was this sweet magazine rack/table which would fill my needs and functional and only $3.00!!! Last year I almost bought a solid wood sofa table for $90, so I am thrilled with this purchase. I had been using the insides of a drawer on a dresser in that room and this is so much better.

On Sunday, Stacy and I went up to Estes Park for the Wool Market, which by many national standards is a small show....only one vendor barn with lots of cute animals to pet and coo at. Can you keep a secret....Sunday is a great day to go to the show. The crowds were light and we didn't feel like everything was sold out. Also, traffic through Boulder was much lighter as well. Don't tell anyone, or else Sunday will get just as insane as Saturday is up there.....Shhhhhh Of course, next year we are planning on going up for workshops on Thursday and Friday and we can leave before the crowds get back on Saturday. The best part was being able to get into all the booths, talk to the vendors, especially Maggie Casey at the Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins booth. What a sweetheart she is, just as I imagined from her book.

For the tour de Fleece next month, I purchased from Cloud City Fibers 2 pounds of Ashland Bay merino roving in the Color English Garden. Yes, it is commercial, but in my price range and very nice quality..consistant throughout the batch.

I also couldn't resist the Fall Kid Dyed Roving from KaiMohair in the color Caribbean. I am amazed how soft and shiny it is and my goal with it will be to spin for a shawl. The 4.2 oz should be enough if I spin fine enough. Ok all together "Ahhhhhhhh OoOoooh!

Obligatory cute animal photos from the show:


lunaticraft said...

Three bucks for that table! OMG, that's a steal! Holy cow!

(Oh, and great animal pics too! =D)

Megan said...

$4 for stuff you needed anyway? Awesome!

Those animals are so cute, I especially love the last picture.

Iron Needles said...

So jealous...I really missed the wool market.

But I did have a great vacation.

FieryMyst said...

I love great garage sale finds and I think you got a great deal on both!! And I looooovee your roving, yummy colors!!