Friday, June 12, 2009

Gift Iris #2 and other distractions

Finally the bloom opened up on the second iris plant from Becky, It is a rich white with a hint of periwinkle in the beard. There is one more to go that has a bloom stalk in development. Stay tuned....

Here is my one and only poppy bloom this year. Maybe it is tired, since in past years, there have been up to a dozen blooms. My plan is to give it lots of miracle grow and we will see what happens next year!

Spinning updates:

This is the Suri Alpaca from several postings back. The single on the bobbin felt like twine and still felt greasy, so after consulting with my spinning group, I washed the singles again, hung them to dry and now I will ply them into a two ply...and wash again to set the twist. The singles are so much softer and more of what I expected, so plying is on tonight's agenda.

This is the softest merino from Juliespins in Brilliant Hibiscus which I spun thicker and plyed into two ply. I haven't checked the wraps per inch yet, but it will fall somewhere between worsted and bulky. Hats are planned...maybe the Yarn Harlot's Unoriginal hat, or a Ysolda beret like Gretel or Rose Red. Any suggestions???


Ria said...

That brilliant hibiscus is gorgeous!!

lunaticraft said...

Beautiful everything, especially the Poppy.

Timiae said...

I love poppies! So pretty.

Your handspun looks great! Can't wait to see what you do with the merino and I really look forward to seeing the finished suri.