Thursday, April 2, 2009

Washed Suri Alpaca Fiber

This the the free fiber I was given at the last fiber festival I attended in Longmont.

It was raw fiber and in need of washing, so I placed it in a mesh bag and filled my sink with Dawn detergent and hot water.............3 times. You never have smelled anything so foul as this. It definitely had that barnyard fragrance that we all know and love. I was very careful not to agitate in any of the washings or during the rinses. On the last rinse, I poured a glug of white vinegar into the water, then one more rinse to remove the vinegar odor.

After squeezing the fiber, still in the mesh bag, in a towel, I then hung the mesh bag to dry.

After drying completely, I fluffed a few of the locks and look forward to using my hand carders, which have mysteriously vanished in my home. I have looked everywhere and they are just hiding from me. I hate it when that happens.

Any way, see how much whiter and brighter the fiber is once washed. And so soft too.


Iron Needles said...

Hmmmm....very interesting. I will have to try that technique with the next fiber I wash. The last alpaca I washed with just warmish water to get the dirt out. Just a little swishing. Several rinses. Some teasing after returned the loft. Like I said in the previous post...always learning!

lunaticraft said...

It looks so soft and fluffy! I bet that's going to make a great yarn.

Emerald said...

Oooooo pretty!! I just spun a single of alpaca/corriedale and now I'm liking spinning more.

Ceci said...

It looks like GoldiLlama! Soooo soft. Thanks for sharing the technique.