Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have not fallen off the face of the earth!

My blogging has been on the back burner as I have started to get my life back, only to find out today, that the next exam (Series 66) is almost as hard as the first. Not so much computation, but lots of rules and regulations to memorize. It is a much thinner book, but chock full of facts. Here we go again! I will probably take this exam at the end of April or early May.

I have been spinning as relaxation and have learned a few things from the Ravelry support groups:

1. I should have been waxing my drive band with beeswax. The other night, it just snapped. Not at the join but at the exact opposite side of the wheel.

2. And I also learned that I should be relaxing both the scotch tension and the drive band after every spinning session.

3. The fiber I am spinning throws off a lot of dander, or fiber, or whatever, so I am wiping it down every day. It is coming out nicely though and this is the second bobbin. I am going for a lightweight 3 ply for a project to be decided.
I finished two skeins of Alpaca from the last festival I went to and here are the results:
I have begun a new project (what, am I totally crazy!!!???) which I offered to donate to the auction at our Synagogue. It is a modified Market Bag from Bags- A Knitter's Dozen, which I am making from Plymouth Boku and Lamb's Pride. I am a little worried that the Boku will not felt at the same rate as the Lamb's Pride, so this may be a total disaster on many fronts. I will post as I go.

And this little cutie is Erik Joseph Johnson in the Baby Surprise Jacket and Hat that I knit for him. How nice to see him in it!!! edited to add: I learned something new about changing photo formats so that I can upload to my blog. I feel so accomplished!

One last thing. These beauties showed up last week. They are dutch iris, low to the ground and so vivid in color.

And this was today: April Fools!!!! Except it is no really is snowing and
Saturday may bring a monster dump of snow.....

Have you noticed the Twitter updates on the sidebar? I have found a way to update here, Facebook and Twitter all at the same time. Sometimes it is easier than a full blog post and a way to check in.


Iron Needles said...

Excellent spinning! Bummer about the band snapping, though. It's all about learning as we go, isn't it. About spinning, knitting, and life! Good luck on the next test.

Ria said...

Will leave spinning to you. I don't have enough tome to knit the yarn I buy!


Leeanne said...

Little Erik looks adorable in your top and hat. Great photos too of your flowers and the snow.

Found you on Rav.

Timiae said...

Laceweight 3-ply... girl, you're ambitious! It looks great.

Your baby knitting looks so great on the little man.