Monday, April 20, 2009

In Memory of Columbine- 10 years later.

Ten years ago:

1. I was working with a gal whose younger sister was still at Columbine High School. She rushed home after getting a call from her mother. Thank God, her sister was ok.

2. My youngest daughter was a freshman in high school across town and locked down. For her, this became a defining moment and the first experience of mortality and violence in this very typical suburban neighborhood. She has never forgiven me for making her go to school the next day, instead of staying home and watching the never ending coverage of this horrific event. When she is a mother herself, she will understand the need go on and rise above.

3. My oldest daughter was a freshman in college. She didn't understand the impact it would have on her life, until I told her that the daughter of her most favorite teacher of all time was one of the 13 victims. Dawn Anna was her 7th grade teacher and stayed in contact with her until her high school graduation, even attending her National Honor Society induction when she was a senior. Lauren Townsend was Miss Anna's daughter and a senior at the time.

In memory of the 13 victims, many more injured both in body and spirit, all I can offer is the hope of peace and love and memory.


k said...

I am so grateful that everyone in the town has been able to grow past the terrible violence that was last year. I was luckily not connected to any of the victims, but I feel deeply for anyone that was. Great blog though, really good. Just knitter14 from the Blog Train!

Anonymous said...

10 years. I am sure that every single day has been so difficult for the families of those bereaved, those injured, and those hundreds who lost their innocence that day. Thanks for your words of rememberance.

Mollimoo said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes. Words can't explain the feelings I have when I've heard the details of that day. My thoughts are with everyone whose life it affected.x

Ceci said...

I can't believe it's already been 10 years. Thanks for the reminder. It should never be forgotten. I will give extra attention and love to my babies today.