Sunday, April 19, 2009

Modified Market Sqares Bag- Finished

It is amazing what a deadline and two snow days can accomplish! Thursday afternoon, as I sat with a friend who had outpatient surgery in the morning, I began the I-cord for this bag which is destined to be auctioned off next Saturday night at a fund raiser for our synagogue. Since we were watching a movie (The Reader), I didn't want to worry about changing colors or counting or picking up stitches in the Entrelac pattern. I-cord was just the ticket and when the movie was over, I had about 4 feet done. I used double stranded Brown Sheep to give the handles some substance and bulk. Later that night, I finished off the I-cord.
On Friday, I took Mom for her first cataract surgery at the ungodly hour of 7 am. With the impending snowstorm, and Mom's announcement that it would be 2-4 hours, I brought plenty of knitting with me: The bag and another project as well. Of course, the surgery was quick and we were in the deli across the street by 8:30 am. Not much knitting done but happy to report that Mom is doing great.

I stayed home Saturday, during the worst of the storm. My car could probably have maneuvered the thick slushy mess in the streets, but I used the snow as an excuse to stay home and finish the bag. I only loosely used the market squares pattern as a jumping off point for this project adding the button flap. One fun addition was to add a simple chain motif on this flap with the Boku. Once felted, I knew this would add some interest to the flap which I made longer than normal, due to the elongated shape of the bag itself.

Here is the bag, unfelted:

And here is the finished bag, after felting. What starting price should I ask for as the minimum?? I am leaning towards $75-100, because I think if I undervalue it, it will be less attractive to the deep pockets who might be there!


Megan said...

I think $75-$100 sounds about right. Don't undervalue your beautiful work! It really looks lovely.

Ria said...

i love how that felted - and you're right the swirl looks great!

Timiae said...

Gorgeous! I think that's a good asking/starting price.

lunaticraft said...

That bag is amazing! And I think that starting price sounds just right. That felted up fabulously.

And I hope your mom's recovery goes quickly and easily. Cateracts can be such an annoyance. My grandmother just had hers done (it's been a LONG time coming), and she simply refused to wear sunglasses afterwards.