Monday, January 5, 2009

Spinning and Knitting update

I am still plugging away at this scarf and it is going better now that I switched to the harmony needles. I have used a lifeline after every pattern repeat, but of course I haven't needed it. I probably have about 24 inches knitted and I will go till at least 48, so it will probably be summer when I finish, or maybe next holiday season, and I will have one finished gift. We will see........

Both of these skeins were navajo plyed to maintain the different colors, but now I am spinning with the goal of 3 plying to blend the colors, in hopefully sock weight.
This next skein is 210 yards of sock weight on the bottom of the next photo, and I hope I have enough yarn when I am finished to do a pair of socks totally from hand spun.

If I run short, I will find some coordinating color to do the heels and toes to stretch the hand-spun. I might have to do research to see if the Seacell/wool makes good socks. Anyone have any information about that?? I think I like the blended look better after all, so I will have to find a project for the skein on top which is thicker and more stripey.


Lupie said...

Two things I want to do spin and lace. You inspire me!

Timiae said...

Beautiful handspun! I can't believe it's all with a spindle (I'm a wimpy wheel-spinner)... so even.

I love blending my colors and rarely navajo ply.

I've found seacell/wool to be a great blend for socks.

Ria said...

Those colors look gorgeous! Do you dye the wool or buy the roving (that's what it's called right?)
already dyed?

inkberryblue said...

Your spinning is gorgeous (and so is your lace knitting.) One of my resolutions is to take up spinning again this year. I hope I create yarn that's as pretty as yours. =]

Ashleyrox said...

Wow! I wounld love to learn to spin! I've tried it with no luck. Your yarn is awsome!