Sunday, January 18, 2009

Special Day

I wasn't going to post again until my contest ends tomorrow at midnight, but I was so blown away today that I had to share.

1. I have been checking daily for comments to my blog and entries into my first blogiversary contest. Today I had a very special surprise. There was a comment from Melissa Morgan-Oakes herself, commenting on my Spring Forward socks which is the second time I am using her technique 2-At-Time Socks. As I work my way down the leg from the cuff, she reminded me that I still have to deal with the stitch count discrepancy from the way the pattern is originally written and the way I have the socks set up on the needle. I will worry about it later, much like Scarlett in Gone with the Wind. Don't forget to read about the contest and my blogiversary entry.

2. I hope no one misses the "We are One" concert, either live (which is now not possible) in re-run on HBO or wherever else they may run into it over the next few days. It was incredible that hundreds of thousands of Americans and American supporters, all races, religions, political persuasions, music lovers, and patriots gathered in peace to share the joy and excitement of the Inaugural Weekend festivities on Washington DC's mall in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial. All styles of music were represented from Pete Seeger to Stevie Wonder, from Gospel Choirs to John Mellancamp, from Bono to Beyonce. The choices of songs and music had me in tears for much of the event with a sense of pride and patriotism and hope that had been missing for such a long time. All the music was punctuated with videos and the words of past presidents and statesmen from Lincoln, Kennedy, Roosevelt, and Reagan to Martin Luther King, Jr who we also honor this weekend. This was capped by a short talk by President-elect Obama at the end and the excitement builds til Tuesday's inauguration.

Yes We Did! and Yes We Can!


katerina said...

It's always so neat to get comments, but then to get them from a design who's pattern your using - how cool ;)

Troodle said...

What a great day for the USA!

lunaticraft said...

Yes we can! Indeed! =D