Sunday, January 25, 2009

Caring for Orchids

I have had several comments on how to care for my orchids and to make them bloom. Here is a copy of an email back to the first inquiry from Peaceful Knitter who asked first.

I keep a gallon jug of premixed orchid food and water and that is the only liquid I use on it. When you water it, drain the standing liquid in the pot or tray on the second day. Water again when completely dry.

It needs bright but not intensely hot direct sunlight.

After all the blooms drop, feel the stem that is left and where there are bumps, cut the stem back above the 3rd or 4th bump from the bottom of the stem. It will be dormant for several months and then suddenly, another stem will emerge from the top or second bump from the top. My mom has good luck cutting the stem completely off at the bottom. You may notice that a new leaf forms and shortly after that an old leaf drops and a new flower stem begins.

Good luck with it. It is actually pretty easy if you let it just do its thing.


Tekgirl said...

Am I right in thinking that you keep Phalenopsis (moth orchids?). I do the same with mine as you do and have always had good results though it seems that the ones that do best are those that have the stem cut right after the last flower drops. If the stem starts dying they always seem to continue even if I then cut the stem at a later point. They seem to prefer being treated rough ;)

Sonia said...

I just checked on my orchid and found that it has 2 new shoots growing off of each original stem! That's with me pretty much ignoring it, not cutting back the stem, and giving it plain old water once a month. I can't imagine what will happen when I start giving it orchid food! Hopefully there will be blooms soon. Thanks for the tips!

Timiae said...

I got the Kathmandu yarn in today... it's gorgeous! I'm going to be selfish and make something for me me me out of it. Thanks so much!

Iron Needles said...

Wellllll....I'll try! But it's haaarrrrrd!