Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nothing happening

I really need to post more often, but nothing exciting has been happening................

Except for my oldest daughter being in Tokyo for the wedding of a friend she met during her internship in Philadelphia four years ago! She purchased a phone card and phoned us today, and it sounds she is enjoying her trip and the wedding was beautiful. She said most of the guests do speak English, but all the speeches after the wedding were in Japanese, so she missed most of that. On Tuesday, the family of the bride is taking all the out of town guests touring the sites of Tokyo. What a fabulous experience and I can't wait to see photos once she returns to NY on Wednesday.

Except for finishing my monkey socks that will be a gift when I visit Connecticut in a couple of weeks for my high school reunion.

Except for the e-mails that have been passed around from LA, Chicago, Atlanta and Connecticut, not to mention Denver as many of my friends have been reconnecting in advance of the reunion. There are even some photos on the site and from what I can see, I don't look the oldest, fattest or most matronly. Of course, many of the men will be very old, bald and out of shape. I have found that women, for the most part, age better than men.....
Except for finishing up another skein of the Northern Lights. This one came out nearly identical to the last and probably would make into some nice socks, but now I am thinking of a Clapotis. I have been thinking about this pattern for some time and it would make a lovely gift for the holidays. I measured out 3 packets of the remainder of the fiber and there will be one more skein of this fiber. I started out with 8 oz of fiber, and the final tally of home spun yarn will be 3 skeins of about the same fingering weight and one skein that is more like worsted weight.
Except for the cutest little mini skeins I made up. The two grey ones finish up the merino that I navajo plied on the fly. A hat is in the planning stage... The burgundy one is one ply of the new alpaca fiber from last weekend and one ply of the Louet Northern lights pencil roving that I had been working on. I have heard that alpaca has no memory like wool has, so I was just testing out this combination. The end result is very soft and squooshy, but since I am finishing up the Northern Lights, the mini skein is all there will be of this. I am happy to report that spinning the Alpaca fiber wasn't a difficult as I had expected. It is a bit slippery, but if I am paying attention it is ok.
Today was the Race for the Cure for the Susan G Komen Foundation. Although I participated in past years, this year I sat it out and accompanied Mom to the cemetery for a Memorial Service during these days of awe. Tomorrow I am having my yearly mammogram only a few days after Maggie's birthday. Last year I scheduled it on her birthday as a tribute to her memory, but tomorrow is a close as I could get this year. In Maggie's memory and in honor of the thousands fighting this hideous disease, make sure you are taking care of yourself, doing your monthly self exams, and getting your yearly mammograms.


Iron Needles said...

That stuff on the spindle is beautiful. I stand in awe of your spindle-ablility!

Lupie said...

Ahhh spinning!!! Someday!
I have a close friend in this Cancer War. Pat is always positive and happy. Pat is the one that is there when you are having a bad day. One of the best people I know!