Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This and That

The weekend was a success for all. I went to pickup Amanda at the airport, waited in the "45 minute holding area" for her call, and then headed to the west side of the departure area to pick her up, since she only had carryon luggage. I waited and waited and waited. She called again and said she was at door 611. Of course, the West side only has EVEN numbered doors--- she had gone out the east side. If anyone has ever been to Denver International Airport you know that it is quite a trek from one side to the other. I waited some more and there she was, relaxed as ever, and on the phone, as always. We had a lovely afternoon driving home, picking up Gary, going to lunch, and then over to my Mom's for a visit.

We then went to Target to buy baby gifts for her friend from high school who is due next month. Back home, it was time for her to get ready for her 10th High School Reunion. To me, she still looks the same as high school, but she had grown up so much inside and I really enjoyed our visiting. Before she left, we took photos, just like she was going to the Prom!

On Sunday I worked, and she was busy all day, but late in the evening, she came home and we talked some more. What a pleasure. Only the people who know us know what a challenge she used to be and how little time we were able to spend together before the conversations deteriorated into arguments. I like it so much better now...... Monday she flew home but not until we bought her a new sleeper sofa for her new apartment on the upper west side. It is a real 1 bedroom, and I want to make sure when I go to visit, I won't be sleeping on the floor.

Last week, I took care of a co-workers kitties while she was on vacation. Three times in the week I went over to take care of the litter box, feed them, air out the house, deadhead some roses, and water some plants. Sounds like work, but it was very nice, because she lives in a beautiful house with lots of open space around and she has a lovely deck in back. She also left me frozen margaritas in the freezer to enjoy. I spent a few hours each time relaxing on the deck, listening to my Ipod, knitting and enjoying the margaritas and sunsets. I finally remembered my camera on the last night.

Knitting update. I have begun the Baby Surprise Jacket by EZ to give to my college roommate's first grandchild due in January. I purchased Dark Horse Fantasy, which is acrylic and nylon. It is washable and very soft. I chose a pale shade of sage green and a multi color green. This is the first time I have tried this pattern and not knowing what I am doing, I am adding some stripes, but I have no idea where they will end up once the finished piece is folded into a sweater. I think this first batch of stripes is on the sleeve, but I am not really sure.

I started this pattern twice because I just didn't get it. Thanks again to Ravelry and the forums, I have found several explanations and alternative ways to do things here. I have chosen a different double decrease for the diagonal lines than the pattern originally calls for. I am using the following: slip 2 as if to knit, knit one, pass slip stitches over the knit stitch. What this does is lay a nice knit stitch diagonally on top of the garter stitches. On the wrong side, you purl the stitch which is behind the diagonal. If you have ever done the Jaywalker socks, it is the same double decrease there.
I have been spinning away on the blue green CVM fiber. I had a good amount on two toilet paper rolls, so I rigged up a Lazy Kate with a shoe box, and knitting needles.

Taking Jennifer's suggestion (thank you), from her comments on a previous post, I used my ball winder and wound the two singles together into a center pull ball, and began plying together from the OUTSIDE of this ball. It is going really well and I should be done with the 44 grams tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if the finished washed and skeined yarn is much thinner than the first skein from a few weeks ago. I feel like I am really spinning much more consistantly thin now and I will post a side by side shot of the two skeins when I finish it.

I still have lots of fiber to go, so I am sure I will have enough for a small project, not yet determined.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. I'm gearing myself up to having a go a spinning soon, so it's good to see how other people are going about it!

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

Hey from Becka from the Ravelry Blog Train Comments Group!
How exciting! Our daughter is coming home next month, can't wait to see her! LOL, although, our airport is nothing like the Denver one, thankfully!

Kay aka dkswife said...

I love the sunset picture! You daughter is a beauty too :)

Hey from dkswife on the Rav Blog Train!

Jennifer said...

Looks really good on the spindle. You could use it in colorwork mitttens or a hat.

CTJen said...

I really like the decreases on the BSJ. If I ever try one again, I might do that decrease instead of the one in the pattern. Nice. :-)

Deb said...

Wonderful photos!
dswgr6 from Blog Train

~ P ~ said...

Hello from Phyllis on the Ravelry Comment Train.
I love you socks for Mom. Very colorful

Angie said...

I have the pattern for the BSJ but I haven't started it yet. Yours looks lovely.

Jen D. said...

Wow! Love your spinning! I'm just getting started myself, using a spindle. Still working on consistency.

Congratulations on your daughter coming to visit. My mom and my sister were the same way - couldn't hardly be in the same room together when she was a teenager/very young adult. But now that she's had some time to mature (30...) they are becoming good friends. I always had an easier time with her, and once I had children of my own, there was a much deeper understanding of everything she ever did on my part. I'm grateful to be close to her.

I'll definitely be checking back to look at more spinning!

Iron Needles said...

I couldn't figure out how my BSJ was going to look until it was done. I added cuffs and color after, and I liked the finished looked very much. Directions are on wiki under BSJ if you are interested. Spinning results are impressive. I have only plied with a wheel.

I may have to join that 'blog train comments' group!

Janice Rosema said...

Your spinning looks wonderful and it is great to find another sock lover!