Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2 Days off feels like a Vacation

Because the store is closed on July 4th and I am working both Saturday and Sunday, I actually had two days off in a row. To make that even better, tomorrow I don't have to be in until 1pm so I have the whole morning off too. That means 3 days of sleeping in (and staying up late the night before!!), getting some excercise and craft time in. A real vacation, which doesn't cost anything, if only I could stay out of the stores......
I finished up my "Prague Socks", blocked and dried them, and neatly folded them away for when the fall days are next upon us.
I cast-on a new pair right away which I will give to MOM, not a surprise, but a promise made during our trip to Europe. I am using the Lana Grosse varigated yarn bought in Volkach, Germany and the basic pattern I use for plain socks by Diane Soucy from Knitting Pure and Simple. They are actually a bit heavier than fingering weight and making a nice firm fabric. I am loving how the colors are coming up. No pooling so far and keeping the plain knitting interesting. They should be nice and warm and toasty for this winter.
Last night was knit-night at my local yarn store and Stacy met me there. We caught up after the wool fest and discussed our Alpaca yarn. She has actually knitted up a swatch and it is very light and delicate.... and oh so soft. Thinking that I might not have enough for a full size sweater at a small enough gauge, I may either double up the yarn and make hats and mittens (oooooooh) or use a lacy pattern and make a 3/4 sleeve light weight sweater. be continued....... I also purchased some arcrylic to make a Baby Surprise Jacket. No babies in my family, but I have until January to make this for Candy's first grandchild. She is having surgery on her hand, so knitting for her is out of the question for the immediate future.
I bought Maggie Casey's new book " Start Spinning" and read through it while sipping an iced latte on Starbucks patio (see....vacation activity!) I am amazed how much I have already figured out using the internet and Ravelry resources about drop spindling. The photos are fabulous--and a terrific resource for any new spinner. At this point I have no desire for a wheel, and Alison if you are reading this, there will NOT be any sheep grazing in the backyard the next time you come home, but be careful before you jump into your bathtub here, as there just might be a fleece soaking.........
There are flowers in the garden. Not a real surprise, but since I was traveling during the last two weeks of May, during prime gardening season, I was happily surprised to see the perennials go on without me. I only planted a few annuals to fill some holes and from a distance it is not so dramatic at this time.

Close up, each flower and plant has its own drama. The rose bush is prolific but I don't know its name. The flowers are so heavy, they often break the stem after a watering day. I tend to pinch off some buds to make each rose a single on the stem and lighter weight and more dramatic.

I have grown to love african daisys. The colors are vivid, and when fully in bloom, I cannot help but smile.
Can't remember what they are called (what kind of gardener am I??) but the bees love my purple things.
In the other garden there was a late and last poppy, that is so shockingly orange.
I have dahlias in two colors: fuschia and this deep rich maroon. I positioned the maroon one so I can see it from my bedroom window.

Fortunately I cannot see the holes in the leaves from my window. I may have to drown a few slugs in beer. :-)

Colorado's state flower is the blue columbine, but the color didn't photograph very well for some reason.

This is a nice long post with knitting accomplishments, future projects, and gardening. If only I could afford to be on "vacation" permanently. Unfortunately, my stash would run out eventually, and I would be restless to travel again.......So back to work tomorrow.


Iron Needles said...

I am anxiously awaiting my copy of "Start Spinning"! It will probably arrive while we are gone.

I am off for 2 days plus the weekend, but no lingering. All travel for me.

Happy 4th!

mary said...

i wanted to leave a comment on the later post about your mom's socks... what yarn is that you're using, it looks terrific, but couldn't find the comment button, so this one will have to do.

followed you from the ravelry blog train.

ponyknit said...

Roses are my favorite! Beautiful african daizy's! Lovely earrings in the post above (couldn't comment for some reason)
Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my contest, good luck!

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Very pretty flowers.

beancountknitter from the ravelry comment train