Friday, July 11, 2008

Crazy weekend to come

I am picking up Amanda (#1 daughter) at the airport at noon, but except for the car ride to and from the airport, I don't know how much we will see of her. It is much like High School when she passed in the night and if we saw her car outside, we knew she was home...usually.

Hopefully we will find some time to go over and visit with Mom as she really enjoys the kids around. How lucky we are that my folks moved here when they were young enough to make a new life (after 35 years in CT) and to really have a good relationship with my kids. I was the rebel who moved away from the east coast at 23 to Colorado and never went home, except for visits. Once I married and the kids were here, I was at such a loss not having any of my family here. When you are young you don't think about those things the same way you do when the kids move away themselves. We are now scattered again, and Dad is gone. The family is shrinking and I now know how my parents must have felt with me being so far away. Now one is in New York, and the other in Kansas City. At least we have cell phones and the Verizon family network. But it is not the same.


Iron Needles said...

I have often thought about difference in my being far from home as a young woman, and my children today. With cell phones and the internet, it is different. Now travel is more getting more expensive and complicated, but 'back in the day', air travel was not as common.
Have fun whatever time you have. It's good to just have them around sometimes.

Ria said...

I hope you have a great time with your daughter. Mine is going to be a junior in High School in Sept, and I am already fretting about her going away to college! PS really nice blog!

Ria (tonyfan20 on Ravelry)

Jennifer said...

Comment on the last post but I couldn't figure out how to do it there. You don't have to ply from a center pull ball. Wind the singles into 2 equal balls, then wind them up together on your winder. And ply from the outside of that ball.

robyn said...

I love those earings in the last post. And I really hope you get to spend some time with your daughter :)